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on a toot

One of my ....well maybe ...character flaws is that I can get on a "toot" about a subject....usually inspired by a book...for example when I read Dark Angel ...a bio about Rudolph Valentino...I then watch all his films ...did reserach about the film industry of the period...well you get the picture.( ugh bad pun)

Starz show and the novel Outlander ( The show is good but the books are great...not at all what I expected when I got a copy of Outlander....years fact it sat around for awhile for fear it was just another "bodice ripper"....well was I surprise ....well written...great character development and well researched.....) I realized that I knew very little about Scotland and its off I went to the library.....again...I even bought some gorse seeds for my brown thumb garden.

For those of you who like pastiches and homages to books checkout the humoous  Frinding Fraser...a quick fun read......

Any suggested Toot topics for me?.....or any toot trips of your own?

Hugs all around
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