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Back from Craigh na Dun-

Blender Report: Taking it out of the cupboard: Haven not written in a while ...I guess I don.t think I am that important .... but last night whn I could not sleep there came an ephifany ....iI guess most come in the middle of the night  and are forgotten by the morning ...not this time ....I am going to schedule my journal entries likeappointents and am going to
- share introscpective insights
-ask questions to the LJ universe ....even if and really expecting no response
- sharing wisdom from my guu 31 year old mare Pidgeon
and who knows what else .

So having reached the grand age .....won't go there ...just let it be stated that i am too old to plant small trees....have come to the
conclusion that I am a good person but not really a nice person ( sorry Elwood P. Dowd)
I am honorable, loyal, hate injustic, cruelity  and unfairness ....will help strangers and any animalin need
BUT I am not NICE not the nice most of the world id attracted to   Despite the fact that I have the right to remain silent ( and the bite
groves on  my tounge ) I just can not ...I have to speak out ( sometime shout ot swear out ) which often drives peol toward nice people ( of course unless they need a wrong righted or at least a bitch seccession about it )

I am finally  embracing the good person I am and rejoicing that I will never be NICE.

SO, LJ which is better to be for you GOODor NICE ?
Hugs and Earl Grey all around

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