Gem (halloween49) wrote,

Blender is filled with rocks

Blender Report: jammed: Well the vet appointment went well 1 1/2 hr with diet and acupuncture . Rosie was great I do not cook for my wonderful husband but I am cooking ( and so is he ) for our dog......the good news is her urinalysis came back with no blood !!!!
and blood is god so we are taking her to have an infected tooth removed.....meanwhile my poor sister is send me unclear texts,,,chaotic  about my Crazy ( yes we have papers) mother ......

Reading Review : Really enjoying the Persuasion pastiches by Susan Kaye .......was o excited when some me a mystery series that takes place a Ren.. Faire .....but was so disappointed......the main character had al the appeal of wet velvet and the authors could not decide if they wanted to go mystery or occult they did both badly .....Non- Fiction The End of Night - addresses the affects of the lost of real dark with out any ambient light ....nice flow not too much over the top science jargon

BTW - I m crocheting again ..making presents  great motivation
What is playing in my ears : Lyndsey  Sterling Phantom of the Opera medley   check her out on YouTube

Hugs and organically green tea all around

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