Gem (halloween49) wrote,

Is the universe telling me something

Blender Report: pause:- Ok , do you ever feel  that the universe it trying to tell you something.....? ......Do you listen?
My riding instructor , her horses - good but "wifty" no sense of schedule....get there and no saddle for the horse I ride etc.,.......well toke the winter off - she called and left a message lastwek...." Sprig is here com play horses I thought  I would try again.........I left two messages on her answering response....the universe  telling me something? Would I be stupid ot to listen>

Music suggestion : Check out Lindsey Stirling on Youtube ...her music is great

Book Rant : I have read some great fan on LJ and other explain me how ..Fifty Shades.....which started out as very poorly written fan fiction mad so much $$$$$$.....the dialogue seems like it was written by a12 year old...and it is not even good erotica .....anyway........LJ writers keep writing are a pleasure to read .....

Stopped Raining too ride :)
Hugs and good li all around

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