Gem (halloween49) wrote,

psy couch needed?

Blender Report : over flowng - I feel so terrible that it takes a melt down to bring me home to LJ . But today I had a melt down at the farm...yes my favorite place favorite time .....this other rider went off on me ,,,some one I ride with ..walked her other horse when it had colic ,,,some one everyone says is so nice..she seemed to be have a bit of trouble leading her horse so I rode another direction not to interfere or stare ( I was always told that is polite )
She yells " Why did you turn away he is fine to go by" I say Just circling and then she gets in a huff and stomps around and stop talking to me... She has been told by the owner of the farm ( not me ) that she is over horsed other riders get off when she is up on her horse. If fact I am the only one that  took her and that horse out on the trail last summer.

Couch report So, why do I go in the barn alone and have a crying melt down and I feel guilty what she thinks ..why do I feel like I will be seen as the bad guy ....everyone thinks she is so sweet friend told me  to tell her to feck off and it is none of her business where I ride . But I know I will be seen as the bitch. I hate that I cried..really cried and that this is still bothering me ....long after it happen ....I mean how broken am I ?
Hugs and Rescue Remedy all around

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