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Rage against the machine

Blender Report : Chop , mash , crush you think I am angry !!!!!!!...I am including the letter to the editor that I wrote ....I have lost all faith in the democratic process.........even when large numbers turned out to save our fair grounds or stop COSCO ...the planning board went ahead anyway I want all the hours back that spent at planning board meetings and writing letters.

On another note ...I have always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest ....who thought the weather would move backyard and the riding trails ( closed at present due to rain) look like monster truck rally locations

Horse Update : Pidge ( age 29 ) is much better - the abscess seems to be broken and Jigs seems to always be in season

Food for thought:: another thing I hate about Facebook - it is just another place for people to be anonymously cruel or has changed the whole meaning ( theirs not mine) of friend. Hugs to all and thanks for letting me rant !!!!

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