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Gem's Journal

9th June, 2015. 3:41 pm. on a toot

One of my ....well maybe ...character flaws is that I can get on a "toot" about a subject....usually inspired by a book...for example when I read Dark Angel ...a bio about Rudolph Valentino...I then watch all his films ...did reserach about the film industry of the period...well you get the picture.( ugh bad pun)

Starz show and the novel Outlander ( The show is good but the books are great...not at all what I expected when I got a copy of Outlander....years ago.....in fact it sat around for awhile for fear it was just another "bodice ripper"....well was I surprise ....well written...great character development and well researched.....) I realized that I knew very little about Scotland and its history......so off I went to the library.....again...I even bought some gorse seeds for my brown thumb garden.

For those of you who like pastiches and homages to books checkout the humoous  Frinding Fraser...a quick fun read......

Any suggested Toot topics for me?.....or any toot trips of your own?

Hugs all around

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2nd June, 2015. 9:49 am. Back from Craigh na Dun-

Blender Report: Taking it out of the cupboard: Haven not written in a while ...I guess I don.t think I am that important .... but last night whn I could not sleep there came an ephifany ....iI guess most come in the middle of the night  and are forgotten by the morning ...not this time ....I am going to schedule my journal entries likeappointents and am going to
- share introscpective insights
-ask questions to the LJ universe ....even if and really expecting no response
- sharing wisdom from my guu ....my 31 year old mare Pidgeon
and who knows what else .

So having reached the grand age of......no .....won't go there ...just let it be stated that i am too old to plant small trees....have come to the
conclusion that I am a good person but not really a nice person ( sorry Elwood P. Dowd)
I am honorable, loyal, hate injustic, cruelity  and unfairness ....will help strangers and any animalin need
BUT I am not NICE not the nice most of the world id attracted to   Despite the fact that I have the right to remain silent ( and the bite
groves on  my tounge ) I just can not ...I have to speak out ( sometime shout ot swear out ) which often drives peol toward nice people ( of course unless they need a wrong righted or at least a bitch seccession about it )

I am finally  embracing the good person I am and rejoicing that I will never be NICE.

SO, LJ which is better to be for you GOODor NICE ?
Hugs and Earl Grey all around

Current mood: liberated.

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17th June, 2014. 1:58 pm. Blender is filled with rocks

Blender Report: jammed: Well the vet appointment went well 1 1/2 hr with diet and acupuncture . Rosie was great ....so I do not cook for my wonderful husband but I am cooking ( and so is he ) for our dog......the good news is her urinalysis came back with no blood !!!!
and blood is god so we are taking her to have an infected tooth removed.....meanwhile my poor sister is send me unclear texts,,,chaotic  about my Crazy ( yes we have papers) mother ......

Reading Review : Really enjoying the Persuasion pastiches by Susan Kaye .......was o excited when some me a mystery series that takes place a Ren.. Faire .....but was so disappointed......the main character had al the appeal of wet velvet and the authors could not decide if they wanted to go mystery or occult ..so they did both badly .....Non- Fiction The End of Night - addresses the affects of the lost of real dark with out any ambient light ....nice flow not too much over the top science jargon

BTW - I m crocheting again ..making presents  great motivation
What is playing in my ears : Lyndsey  Sterling Phantom of the Opera medley   check her out on YouTube

Hugs and organically green tea all around

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13th June, 2014. 7:19 am. Holistic vet

Take one of my dogs to a holistic vet today
(Bladder cancer)
Vets have written her off but she is a youngish dog so I thought I would get her this chance
Any experiences with this type of vet out there?

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25th May, 2014. 7:10 am. Pidge update

The abscess has opened and it draining (sorry if you are eating) and the old girl is sound
If fact she rolled over completely twice ( of course in the mud ) quite a feat for a 30 yr old
Enjoy the warm weather 79 today

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24th May, 2014. 7:40 am. Spring at last

Blender Report: full of poultice : my 30 yr old mare has another abscess so it soaks ( love the soak boot) and poultice. She better cone back as an aide for me when I need that nursing home

Book suggestion: Jane Austen fans alert, I am really enjoying Longbourn - Pride and Prejudice from below stairs .charming
It capture the tempo and mod of the original

Rant : why ....when you finally find the ( fill in the blank ) boots , bra , sneakers you love they either discontinue it or change the style

Hugs and Mr. Darcy all around

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8th April, 2014. 9:04 am. Is the universe telling me something

Blender Report: pause:- Ok , do you ever feel  that the universe it trying to tell you something.....? ......Do you listen?
My riding instructor , her horses - good but "wifty" no sense of schedule....get there and no saddle for the horse I ride etc.,.......well toke the winter off - she called and left a message lastwek...." Sprig is here com play horses etc......so I thought  I would try again.........I left two messages on her answering machine.......no response....the universe  telling me something? Would I be stupid ot to listen>

Music suggestion : Check out Lindsey Stirling on Youtube ...her music is great

Book Rant : I have read some great fan Fiction......here on LJ and other places...so explain me how ..Fifty Shades.....which started out as very poorly written fan fiction mad so much $$$$$$.....the dialogue seems like it was written by a12 year old...and it is not even good erotica .....anyway........LJ writers keep writing ..you are a pleasure to read .....

Stopped Raining ...off too ride :)
Hugs and good li all around

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9th March, 2014. 6:14 pm. psy couch needed?

Blender Report : over flowng - I feel so terrible that it takes a melt down to bring me home to LJ . But today I had a melt down at the farm...yes my favorite place ......my favorite time .....this other rider went off on me ,,,some one I ride with ..walked her other horse when it had colic ,,,some one everyone says is so nice..she seemed to be have a bit of trouble leading her horse so I rode another direction not to interfere or stare ( I was always told that is polite )
She yells " Why did you turn away he is fine to go by" I say Just circling and then she gets in a huff and stomps around and stop talking to me... She has been told by the owner of the farm ( not me ) that she is over horsed other riders get off when she is up on her horse. If fact I am the only one that  took her and that horse out on the trail last summer.

Couch report So, why do I go in the barn alone and have a crying melt down and I feel guilty ....care what she thinks ..why do I feel like I will be seen as the bad guy ....everyone thinks she is so sweet ....my friend told me  to tell her to feck off and it is none of her business where I ride . But I know I will be seen as the bitch. I hate that I cried..really cried and that this is still bothering me ....long after it happen ....I mean how broken am I ?
Hugs and Rescue Remedy all around

Current mood: crazed.

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23rd June, 2013. 5:23 pm. All quiet on the western front

Blender Report: medicinal blend - my husband has has Lyme's and bronchitis .....and if he can not sleep......well you know the drill......my oldest dog ( in cart due to rear paplysis) has to be expressed ....and has a bad urinary tract infection......hay I am healthy but feeling a bit invisible people that I have helped , taught , etc......seemed to have moved on to others .no longer calling ....must keep chanting "you are just not that i important"      must get over it   I think I need a Phantom fix Hugs       and health all around                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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14th June, 2013. 5:33 pm. Rage against the machine

Blender Report : Chop , mash , crush .....do you think I am angry !!!!!!!...I am including the letter to the editor that I wrote ....I have lost all faith in the democratic process.........even when large numbers turned out to save our fair grounds or stop COSCO ...the planning board went ahead anyway I want all the hours back that spent at planning board meetings and writing letters.

On another note ...I have always wanted to see the Pacific Northwest ....who thought the weather would move here...my backyard and the riding trails ( closed at present due to rain) look like monster truck rally locations

Horse Update : Pidge ( age 29 ) is much better - the abscess seems to be broken and Jigs seems to always be in season

Food for thought:: another thing I hate about Facebook - it is just another place for people to be anonymously cruel or unkind.....it has changed the whole meaning ( theirs not mine) of friend. Hugs to all and thanks for letting me rant !!!!

Current mood: rightious indignation.

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